The Puyallup Valley Chapter encourages students to grow in their musical skills,
not only through teaching, but also by providing scholarships, awards,
and educational opportunities throughout the year.

“Senior Scholarships

     Every High School Senior could be awarded a senior scholarship in the amount designated below, IF they have met the following criteria . . .

  1. Teachers must be an active working member of PVC, for a minimum of (1) year prior to utilizing the Senior Scholarship.
  2. Applicants must have studied music privately for a minimum of five years and have shown consistent dedication to their craft.
  3. Applicants must have participated in the WSMTA Music Artistry Program (MAP), during their High School years, 10th – 12th grades, for higher monetary scholarship award.
  4. Senior Scholarship designations are as follows:
    1. $50.00 for seniors who did not meet the criteria above, but were an active Winter Festival participant, whom their teacher deemed worthy of a scholarship.
    2. $100.00 for seniors who had (1) year of lessons and MAP participation for (1) year during High School – 12th grade.
    3. $200.00 for (2) years of lessons and MAP participation for (2) years during High School – 11th and 12th grades.
    4. $300.00 for (3) years of lessons and MAP participation for (3) years during High School – 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

“Joy of Music Award

     This is an ongoing award, which began in 1999. Teachers nominate their students each year, and chapter members vote for the winner at the January meeting. The criteria require that the recipient be a current student of an active chapter member, and that they exhibit, in some way, a special “Joy of Music.” The winner receives a “Joy of Music” plaque, and their name goes on a permanent plaque in the music studios of Dennis Alexander and Christine Alexander. This award is presented at the Winter Festival Recitals.” The “Joy of Music” award is a memorial to Darren Alexander (1975-1998), the son of piano teacher and composer, Dr. Dennis Alexander and piano teacher, Christine Alexander.

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