All the following events are annual events, and held at:
First Presbyterian Church, 412 W. Pioneer Puyallup, WA 98371
Specific dates for these events will be clarified, to the students and parents, through the teachers.
The PVC owns our very own “Petrof” Grand Piano, which is housed at First Presbyterian Church.
We are proud to be able to have our students, teachers, and guest artists perform on this fine instrument.


     Our “Anything Goes Recitals” are relaxed and are available to help students “rehearse” their pieces while becoming a little more comfortable with performing. While these recitals are more relaxed, the students learn the important of performance etiquette in their performance attire, how to prepare at the piano before playing, then learning proper bowing to acknowledge their audience. Students can play parts of a piece, use their music if they want to, or do whatever is needed to help them share their music with others. They can play at one, or as many of these recitals, if they wish too. Recitals are scheduled throughout the school year and have been proven to be fun and encouraging. Certificates are also given out to all performing students. Audiences are very welcome.

“Winter Festival

     Winter Festival, is a more formal event, being a series of recitals that feature the students of all participating teachers in our Chapter. Students are scheduled to participate in one of the eleven recitals, which are performed over two weekends in January and February, every year. Certificates are given out to all performing students. High school seniors are also acknowledged at these recitals. The “Joy of Music Award” is also awarded to a deserving student who is voted on by the teachers. Audiences are very welcome.

“WSMTA Music Artistry Program

     Music Artistry Program (MAP) is available to any student, through a teacher who is a member of our local Chapter. It is a privately judged festival. Participating students perform before an adjudicator, with no audience, and are critiqued and encouraged in their musical ability and performance. A students private session is scheduled by the teacher, and the full event is held over a week’s time. Again, no audience allowed during MAP.

“WSMTA Playoffs

     WSMTA Playoffs is an “honor”, as students who participated in MAP may enter the Puyallup Valley Chapter Playoffs. From the playoffs, an outstanding student, or students, may be chosen to represent the Chapter and perform at the state level for the WSMTA Annual Convention. Teachers are given a performance time schedule for those participating in the Playoffs.

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